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Amsterdam weekly classes

Once a week classes are structured in courses of 7 classes over 7 weeks (Block)
There are 5 blocks of courses each year.

  • Block 1: Jan/February/March 2020
  • Block 2: March/April 2020
  • Block 3: May/June 2020
  • Block 4: Sept/October 2020
  • Block 5: Oct/Nov 2020

Covid 19 conditions
During Covid 19 conditions, we’ll keep with a fixed partner, keep 1.5mtr distance, don’t rotate, disinfect hands before and after and dance in a ventilated venue.
There is a possibility to rotate with a fixed other couple.
If you don’t have a partner we’ll try to find one for you and this partner stays your partner during the whole block.

Haarlem weekly classes

Dance styles & levels

What do the groups and levels mean? Check out all the different dances we teach here and to know more about the different levels take a look at this.

Dates & locations

Block 5 starts
· 5th Oct ’20 Zaal 100
· 6th Oct ’20 Ketelhuisplein 41 (ring 47)
· 8th Oct ’20 Ketelhuisplein 41 (ring 47)

Payment info

You can pay cash in class or transfer online to
IBAN NL51 TRIO 0254 8334 46
Lindy Spirit
(please add your name, block and level)


Weekly Classes Normal Student Uva/Vu/HvA*** Students- Other** 2nd course*
Course (7weeks) €75 €60 €60 €55
Mini course (only when dated) €40 €40 €40 €30

*** Student UvA/VU/HvA
 This extra discount is offered by the USC. You don’t need to be member of the USC but your registration as a students will be checked by them. Please send us your copy studentcard to:

** This discount is only for Bachelor and Master students.
Please send us your copy student card to:

* This discount applies if you follow a 2nd course in the same block 🙂