Here you find level descriptions for our Lindyhop classes. We always try to find the right level for people, so we will tell you when we think you’re ready for the next level. If you would like to go to a higher level, please let us know and we will discuss the options!

Class structure

Basics new
no experience needed                                       Duration: 1 course (7 weeks)

In this course we’ll focus on basic steps and techniques of Lindyhop. We’ll make combinations of different steps and moves, using Groove Walks and Charleston. We focus on how to lead and follow and how to dance on different tempos, so you can go quickly to social dance parties! __________________________________________________________________________________

2 months                                                              Duration: 1 course (7 weeks)

In this course we’ll introduce the triple step and we’ll expand our repertoire with more basics moves as the Tuck Turn, He goes and Circle. We’ll focus on relaxation, bouncing and having fun together!

4- 8 months                                                     Duration: 2 courses (14 weeks)

In this course we’ll focus a lot on swing-out techniques. Besides we’ll also have some Charleston fun with the Hand to Hand and the Tandem Charleston. You’ll stay in this group for 2 courses.

Experience: 8 – 1,4 y                                                               Duration: 3 courses (21 weeks)

You know now the basic steps, moves and techniques of Lindyhop. In this course we’ll focus on cleaning up your techniques to be more effective and subtile in your leading and following. We’ll expand your repertoire with fun variations and moves, using rhythm changes, swivels, turns (single and double!) and fun variations on the basic moves. Because we keep on varying moves, steps and exercises, you can stay in this level for 3 courses.

Dinahs 1
Experience: 1 – 2 year

It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it!
In this level we’ll focus on different ways of doing moves. How to make your Swing Out more rotated, straight or stretched? Also, we’ll do some more difficult techniques using Sugar Pushes and Pop Turns. How long you stay in this level, depends on how much energy you put in your dancing: classes, practicing at home and social dancing…. Do you feel like you want to move a level up? Please talk to your teachers first!


Dinahs 2
2 years and more

In this level we’ll focus on refining and expanding! Rhythm changes, being able to dance very slow or very fast, musicality…. A broad range of topics will be covered. But also we go back to basics! You realize that you’re never too old to learn about basics and you’re not afraid to spend time on small details of triple steps, spins, connection or your own body movement…


Invitational level
This group is a bit different than the other groups… Is dancing once a week not enough for you? Do you like to dive deeper into Lindyhop? Do you like to focus on the small details? Then maybe this group fits you!

You can join the group if you:
– Have attended at least one course in the Dinahs  (or an equivalent level at another school!)
– Are social dancing at least once a week
– Want to practice at home




Dips, Tricks & Jumps
Hoppers & up (6 months or more)

Are you ready to spice up your dancing? Dipping low, jumping high and fancy moves for the social dancefloor!