I don’t have a partner! Can I start dancing anyways?
We always need men! So leaders don’t need to bring a partner. Sorry ladies: you will need to bring a partner… But there are some options to start dancing if you don’t have a partner:

  • Waitinglist! Register through the registration form on the website and we’ll let you know if/when there is a spot for you…
  • Start leading! Leading is only for men? Not anymore! Ladies are also very welcome to start leading!
  • Do the Charleston! For the Charleston classes and Solo Jazz Moves you don’t need to bring a partner. Check in the time table if there are solo classes in the current block. Swing along!

What clothes do I wear during a class?
Anything you feel comfortable in! Some people like to bring an extra t-shirt, it might get sweaty!

What shoes would you recommend?
We like to dance in sneakers that are light and not too grippy. Letting the shoemaker glue some suede under your sneakers makes them very slippery, in a good way. Some people like to dance on leather shoes. You can find dance shoes that are made for swing dancing on DanceStore.com, Slide & Swing and Saint Savoy.

I have a lot of experience in other dances: Salsa, Modern Dance, Ballet, Ballroom… Can I skip the Basics and start in a higher level?
We recommend you to do the basics anyways. In our classes we see that experience in other dances doesn’t necessarily means that you will learn Lindy hop quicker. You might need to get rid of some habits or you might need to learn how to move your body in a different way. A good start can be the Crash Course because you will get the basic steps, techniques and rhythms in a very short time. If we see that you pick it up quickly, you might go to a higher level after the basics (if the leader/follow ratio in class allows it).