Weekly Classes

Our weekly classes are structured in courses of 7 classes. There are 5 blocks of courses each year.

Dance styles & levels

What do the groups and levels mean? Check out all the different dances we teach here and to know more about the different levels take a look at this.


You can also check out:
– Block 1: January/February 2019
– Block 2: March/April 2018
– Block 3: May/June 2018
– Block 4: September/October 2018
– Block 5: October/November/December 2018

Block 1: Jan/Feb 2019 Lindy Spirit Amsterdam

Block 1: Jan/Feb 2019 Lindy Spirit Harlem Shout!

Dates & locations

Classes BL1
Jan/Feb ’19
Jan 14,21,28
Feb 4,11,18,25
Zaal 100 (Amsterdam)

Glasblazers (Haarlem)

Jan 15,22,29
Feb 5,12,19,26
Jan 17,24,31

There are no classes on the following days:


Weekly Classes Normal Student Uva/Vu/HvA*** Students- Other** 2nd course*
Course (7weeks) €70 €50 €60 €50
Mini course (4 weeks) €40 €40 €40 €30

*** Student UvA/VU/HvA: This extra discount is offered by the USC. You don’t need to be member of the USC but your registration as a students will be checked by them. Please send us your copy studentcard to: info@lindyspirit.nl

** This discount is only for Bachelor and Master students.
Please send us your copy student card to: info@lindyspirit.nl

* This discount applies if you follow a 2nd course in the same block : )

Payment info

You can pay cash in class
or transfer online:
IBAN: NL51 TRIO 0254.8334.46    – S.Wastiaux

Please add your name, the block, the course (f.e. Sarah Wastiaux, block 5, Groovers)

For weekly classes register here: