General info

Try out class: New at Lindy Spirit? You can try out a class for free and decide after that if you want to continue the whole course. If you haven’t danced Lindyhop before we recommend you to read the info for new beginners!

Language: Classes are taught in Dutch and English.

Registration: To register, fill in the form online.

Private Class: We’re also available for private classes for both absolute beginners as for experienced dancers, upon request. Send us an email:

Partner policy: Usually, we need more leaders on our classes! So guys (who want to lead) don’t need to bring a partner. Sorry ladies: you will need to bring a partner…
No partner? But there are still options to start dancing if you don’t have a partner:

  • Waiting list! Register through the registration form on the website and we’ll let you know if/when there is a spot for you…
  • Start leading! Leading is only for men? Not anymore! Ladies are also very welcome to start leading!
  • Do the Charleston! For the Charleston classes and Solo Jazz Moves you don’t need to bring a partner. Swing along!

Payment info: You can pay cash in class or transfer online:
IBAN: NL51 TRIO 0254833446    – S.Wastiaux
Please add your name, the block, the course (f.e. Sarah Wastiaux, block 4, Groovers)