Crash courses


Lindyhop Basics
In this crash course we will teach you the basics in a short time. You will learn a lot of new steps, moves and techniques. An intensive weekend, with lots of fun! There will be 3 hours of classes on each day (saturday&sunday). You don’t need any experience to join!

Language: The course will be thought in English

Dates & times:
Saturday 30 June 2018 , 13:00-16:00
Sunday 1 July 2018, 12:00-15:00

Saturday: Huyens College
Tweede Constantijn Huygensstraat 31
1054 NN Amsterdam

Sunday: Zaal 100
De Wittenstraat 100
1052 BA Amsterdam

Price: € 65 (6 hours)
You can pay cash before the class or transfer online:
IBAN: NL51 TRIO 0254833446    – S.Wastiaux
Please add your name, the course (f.e. Sanne Blok, Crash Course)

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