At Lindy Spirit we teach swingdances from the ’20/’30-ties in Amsterdam and Haarlem!:

Lindy hop, Balboa, Blues, Solo Jazz, Charleston, Soul/Disco

Coming up:

31 aug & 1 Sept   Lindy Spirit’s Lindyhop Crash Course for beginners

31 aug                    Lindy Spirit’s Balboa Beginners Crash Course

31 aug                    Lindy Spirit’s Blues “Dips & Tricks” Course

1 sept                     Lindy Spirit’s Balboa Intermediate Crash Course

On a regular basis, we offer different classes:

Weekly classes:
Lindy hop, Blues, Solo Jazz & Charleston classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in Amsterdam or Haarlem!

Crash Courses:
Intensive weekend courses to learn the basics in a short time. We dance the same essential basics that we do in 7 weekly classes but now in just 1 weekend.
Not bad, hah?

After this course you can move up to Bouncers level (2 month experience)

Workshops/show perform. for companies and festivals:
Do you want something special for your party?
We give workshops and performances on location in:
Lindy hop
Trunky Doo
Big Apple
Shim Sham

Jitterbug Stroll


Orchestras and specialized swing- or soul dj’s.

We can offer you a specialized swing or soul orchestra “Mr. Q & His Cocktail Shakers” to play live at your event.

Depending on your request we can offer you:
– vocals
– rhythm section (bass, drums, piano)
– 2,3,4,5,or 6 horns.

It makes such a difference!

Specialized dj’s can add good music to your event.

book us now: quintenkray@hotmail.com