At Lindy Spirit we teach swingdances from the 20’s and 30’s in Amsterdam and Haarlem!: Lindy hop, Balboa, Blues and Solo Jazz & Charleston.

On a regular basis, we offer the following classes:

Weekly classes:
Lindy hop, Blues, Solo Jazz & Charleston classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in Amsterdam or Haarlem!
Theme classes:
During the holidays and weekends occasionally we offer Theme classes. Every time a different topic, for different levels, with different teachers!

Crash Courses:
Intensive weekend courses to learn the basics in a short time.


Lindy Spirit presents:

29 & 30 June          Lindy Spirit’s “Beginners 1”!!  Lindyhop Crash Course

29  June                  Lindy Spirit’s Balboa Beginners Crash Course

29 June                   Blues Crash Course

30  June                  Lindy Spirit’s Balboa Intermediate Crash Course



Do you want something special for your party? We give Charleston and Lindy hop workshops and/or performances on location!